"what do these challenges even need names for" challenge  (3/10) tv shows

-It’s all in the past.
-No, it’s not. This is my life, and you gave it to me, so you’re gonna help us.
-They stole my daughter.
-Your daughter is lost! There’s just me, and Alison, a housewife with two adopted kids, and Cosima, a brilliant scientist, just like you. […] We’re real, Ethan. Cosima is unlike anybody I’ve ever met, and she’s sick. We’re sick. Your little girls are dying.

(Orphan Black)

holland roden // mercedes-benz fashion week 2011


found the coolest dressingroom



In my personal opinion, as a black woman, this Taylor Swift outrage is beyond over the top.

This is not a Lily Allen/Miley Cyrus situation. Those two women EXCLUSIVELY used black women’s bodies as sexual objects. Their back up dancers were exclusively black women, and their only use was to be groped, shake their asses, etc.

Taylor has black women and POC dancing in all of the different segments. The dancers in the ‘twerking’ segment aren’t exclusively black women. The entire point of Taylor’s MV is clearly to showcase different, talented dancers while simultaneously poking fun at herself for being unable to do what they can do. It’s harmless, it’s tongue-in-cheek, and to equate her video to Lily Allen/Miley Cyrus’ seriously problematic/offensive music videos is too much and takes away from the discussion at hand.

Anonymous said:
yooooooooo, debating wise what format do you do, is it worlds? I'm guessing not bp? are you watching the EUDC?? does America field a team to WSDC? if so are you going for it? It's so rare to find other debaters on tumblr im too excited!

sorry i don’t know what any of those terms mean - i do lincoln douglas, and the highest level of competition here for most formats is generally the TOC - but it’s really cool to learn about debate in other countries so hmu off anon!!

Anonymous said:
im hungry and i bought chocolate and i dont know if that was a good idea since i actually feel little like i could puke but i also want to eat my chocolate i mean its mint chocolate and really good.. what should i do

um wait like half an hr and if you’re still hungry then go ahead and eat your chocolate i guess idk?